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  In transformer engineering "Leonid Leites - He is the most well-known, the most qualified, the most knowledgeable in number of areas, the most diligent in each decision he makes, in each published, written or spoken word of his, the most pedantic in the best sense of the word, the most recognized in number of countries, the most hospitable, the most prominent, the most influential, the most.. This list can go on and on, and on. Leonid Leites in his half-a-century long professional career has accomplished a great deal, working at the transformer plant, at the Institute, and even during his well-deserved retirement... Without exaggeration I can say that all national (including Soviet Union, Russia and former Soviet republics) unique transformers and reactors... in the last half a century were proposed, projected, designed, implemented, tested and completed to larger or smaller degree with Leonid's involvement... His positive influence was felt on all transformer plants all cross the country.."
Dr. Alexander Lurie, Moscow, Russia, April 29, 2007.
2.1 Autobiography and Future Plans
2.2 Article about Leonid Leites
2.3.1 List of Leonid Leites publications
2.3.2 Additional list of select publications
2.3.4 Publications in English
2.4 S.I. Rabinovitch and E.A. Mankin: The life work of two outstanding transformer engineers - Title and table of contents
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